Saturday, 21 February 2015

Big Cats Roaming Wild in Angus

From the world of cryptozoology comes a report of strange and unidentified Big Cats roaming the prairies and fields of Angus, according to the 'Courier' newspaper:

  Mysterious large cat beasts have of course been reported from all parts of Great Britain and beyond for many decades, perhaps most famously roaming the moors of Devon and Cornwall.  It is interesting to speculate whether these are actual animals, escapees from people's imaginations or merely rumours transferred into shadows mistaken for flesh and blood.
  Whatever the Big Cats are, there are few traces of them in 'traditional' written folklore down the ages.  But no need to be sniffy about these newcomers. According to the newspaper report there have been sightings of these creatures near Edzell and other northern areas of Angus for several decades.  Approach with caution!



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