Friday, 12 February 2016

Lost Drinks of Angus? Mmm, refreshing!

This post was going to be the first in a series of a hundred entries on the lost drinks once made in Angus, from ales and beers, to whiskies and soft drinks...On second thoughts, we won't bother with that and instead focus on an old advert, the first of a series that may pop up every now and again on the blog.
   Today's great lost product is Pola Cola, and the memories of this amazing Dundee-born soft drink can first be sampled in the archive of the amazing Retro Dundee blog, featuring vintage adverts and photos, including the famous mural in the Dundee street where the legend of Pola Cola was written large.  This particular advert below is an older relative of those on Retro Dundee, not so snazzy as later versions, but with a primitive early 1960's charm:

   But was Pola Cola any good?  Some commentators have sadly pointed out its rather 'unique' flavour and tendency to lost its inborn effervescence at an astonishing rate.  But foods and drinks are magical triggers for the memory, trapdoors to the psyche.  Think of Marcel Proust and his search for Lost Time, spurred on by a simple Madeleine dipped in wine.  
   Is it a good idea to resurrect legendary taste sensations from the dim and distant?  Take the example of Krakatoa Foam, a fiendish recreation of the holy Cremola Foam, of blessed memory.  Does it taste the same as it always did?  Yes:  delicious, with a hint of nastiness.  Mmm.

   And another thing about taste and the tricks its plays with the mind.  Writing from the far corner of Cornwall, the mind years for delights such as proper morning rolls, white and red puddings, Forfar Bridies, steak sausages, steak pies...the stuff of life only to be found in Dundee and Angus and thereabouts.
   But I'll stop now before this food-memory torture thing drives me daft.

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