Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Kirriemuir's Strange Tale of Witchcraft

A strange tale of witchcraft follows, obtained from Thrums and its Glens, Historical Relics and Recollections by James Stirton (2nd edn., Kirriemuir, 1896).  There are shades of the 'Ball of Kirriemuir' about this story and an unexpected twist, whereby the poor accused witch does not suffer the ultimate demise, but another person does. A town official tries to frame a poor old woman, but his daughter and her boyfriend are the real culprits (perhaps).  Read on!

Hes guide Majestie ye Kynge Jeames V cam tae hes guide toune of Kiliemore in ye anscient provence of Horestiea in hes countrie of Scotlande tae holde ye feaste of ye Saint Mickele.  Ye folke of ye toune wer in ye sore plicht for ane of yer awne toune folke Mysie Walis bein confineded in ye toune kave for ye unpardenede kryme of sorserie.  Ye aulde wifie bein no mous for ye fortellin of ye lichten of ye Bayle Bouchane’s corne ricks on ye eve of ye Sainte Mickele.  Ye baylie geid ye order for yeprisenmente of ye saide Mysie Wallis.  Ye guidmanie of ye saide Mysie Wallis waulkede unto ye Kirke of ye Sainte Marie wher hes guide Majestie was holdene ye feaste of ye sainte Mickele ande emplorede  hes guide Majestie ye Kynge to setie to ye libertie hes wifie.  Hes guide majestie herde ye praere of ye guidmanie and orderede ye councele of ye encurie to be holdene.  Ye nichte garde of ye toune testyfyede to ye riotus feaste of ye hairste in ye barne of ye baylies farme of ye Ravenehillocke, ande ye yonge mene and ye maydens drinken ye wyne lykwis of ye talo caunele bein in ye hande of ye yonge mane in ye companye of ye baylies dochter nere ye corne ricks.  Her Kynges Majestie comande ye saide Mysie Wallis frome ye tounis kave, ande geid oute ye lawe that ye baylies dochter weare ye brankis in ye merkat stanse for ane monthe ande theraftera tae be burnede at ye stake at ye Clocknowe.  Hes guide majestie ye Kynge heralde bye ye tounis gardewithe ye alberdes ande tounis garde withe ye alberdes ande tounis folke lefte ye toune for hes ansciente citie of Brechene.
   Markede bye ye courte kroniclere ye feaste of ye sainte Mickele, 1540.

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