Friday, 12 December 2014

A Word About the Wee Man...

Before we get too deep into this folklore thing, I would like to introduce you to the Pictish gentleman whose picture sits next to the top of this blog.  Although my humble avatar is nameless, I will call him Shuggie.  He features on a Pictish stone from Invergowrie which migrated to the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.

    Shuggie is a well-travelled, kenspeckle chap himself.  He is the cover star of the original edition of the excellent book Who Are The Scots (edited by Gordon Menzies, 1971, later renamed In Search of Scotland) and is also the logo star for  Celtic Studies Publications, an imprint of the University of Wales Press (check out the wonderful Gododdin of Aneurin, reconstructed by John T. Koch).

    Why so famous?  Well, he's a characterful fellow - not the usual cleric, hunter or military type found on Pictish slabs.  True he sits on a horse, but he's an indolent, middle aged bearded type, more intent on draining the contents of a curved drinking horn, whose bird like head stares quizically back at him.  An apt patron for this blog.

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