Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Brownie of Claypotts Castle

Claypotts Castle, once home of the Grahams of Claverhouse, is an almost unaltered example of a z-plan castle.  Originally built by the Strachans of Carmyllie between 1569 and 1588, its supernatural attractions include a White Lady who visits annually.  There also used to be a resident brownie - a supernatural servant - who performed all the menial household tasks while the human servants were asleep at night.  In return for such sterling service the brownie required only one bowl of cream as payment each night.
   But in time the brownie grew discontent with the laziness of the domestic staff.  In particular it detested the kitchen maid who had a slovenly way of preparing vegetables for the pot.  The brownie savagely beat the servant with a handful of kail sticks, the pronounced a satirical curse on Claypotts and the neighbouring places before departing the castle forever:

                                   The Ferry and the Ferry-well,
                                   the Camp and the Camp-hill,
                                   Balmossie and Balmossie Mill,
                                   Burnside and Burn-hill,
                                   the thin sowens o' Drumgeith,
                                   the fair May o' Monifieth;
                                   there's Gutterston and Wallockston,
                                   Clay-pats I'll gie my malison;
                                   come I late, or come I air,
                                   Balemie's boards aye bare.

   Other authorities insist that the brownie was actually forced to depart after a minister performed an exorcism.

                                  File:Claypotts Castle sideview.jpg

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